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Karen People in the UK Celebrate Karen New Year and Youth of the Year 2010 Award

By Karen Community Association UK  •  January 8, 2011

Today, Karen community in the United Kingdom celebrates Karen New Year in Sheffield city. On this special day, Karen people around the world celebrate it with joy and happiness.  This celebration is organized by the Karen Community Association UK (KCA-UK) with the aim to preserve and promote Karen culture.

The Karen New Year celebration is taking place all over the world wherever the Karen people are. It began 2750 years ago and on this significant day, no matter where the Karen people are, they all come together with community spirit and celebrate it with joyfulness.

In the UK, the celebration today features many important Karen cultural performances including Karen Done Dance, Bamboo Dance, and Karen songs. There are also speeches including the Lord Mayor of Sheffield, Councillor Alan Law JP.

There is a special session where the KCA-UK awards ‘Youth of the Year 2010’ to two young remarkable persons, Naw Blut Htoo Win and Naw Blut Say Win, in honour of their outstanding work, dedication and effort in the community. This award recognises and thanks them for their hard work towards the development of the Karen people and as role models of other young people.

“Today is very important day for our Karen people. It signifies our Karen people’s identity, brings unity, joy and love for each other. In Burma, we can not celebrate our national days freely. I hope one day, we can all enjoy our new year in our homeland without fear. Let us celebrate our new year with new hope and new spirit to bring about change in our homeland”, said Saw Eh Htee Kaw, joint secretary of the Karen Community Association UK.

Currently, around 500 Karen people are residing in the UK and most of them are refugees who fled from attacks by the Burmese Army in their home land. The KCA-UK represents the Karen Community in the UK. It assists the community with problems they face coming to live in the UK, raises awareness about the situation in Burma, raises money to help refugees and internally displaced people, and campaigns for action by the international community. KCA-UK also aims to promote unity among the Karen and at the same time preserve and promote Karen’s culture, literature and language in UK.

For more information please contact Saw Eh Htee Kaw +447861786539 or Saw Taw Zan +447948218474.

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