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Support the Giri Relief Committee to Assist the Victims of Cyclone Giri in Western Burma

By The Giri Relief Committee  •  November 11, 2010

On October 22nd and 23rd 2010, Cyclone Giri ripped through Arakan state in western Burma leaving at least 101,923 people homeless and the number of affected people at over 260,000. Although some assistance has reached these victims, thousands remain without food, shelter and health care. The risk of water-borne and mosquito-borne diseases is expected to rise without
clean water and a lack of shelter and mosquito nets.

The Giri Relief Committee

The Giri Relief Committee consists of members based in Arakan state and along the border committed to providing timely and targeted assistance to survivors of Cyclone Giri. Our members in Arakan state can act swiftly to buy supplies locally and distribute them quickly to those in need. In the longer term, the Committee aims to rebuild the lives of the local fisherman and farmers by replacing their tools and equipment. Through donations to the Giri Relief Committee, we can mitigate the effects of Cyclone Giri on the people of Arakan State.

How you can help

In order to assist the victims of Cyclone Giri, we need your help. You can donate directly to the Giri Relief Committee through the website at www.girirelief.net.

You can also spread the word about the Giri Relief Committee and Cyclone Giri by this information to your friends, family, colleagues and local community.

What your donation can do:

  • US$ 45 could pay for rice, cooking oil, chili and tinned fish to feed a five person family for one week.
  • US$ 35 could pay for one tarpaulin and 5 blankets for a five person family.
  • US$ 10 could pay for oral rehydration salts for five children with diarrhea.

We need your help now!

Please visit www.girirelief.net to learn more and make a donation.

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