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NDF Support Recommendation for Forming UN Commission of Inquiry

By National Democratic Front  •  September 22, 2010

1. The NDF has earnestly welcome and supported recommendation to the UN by its Special Rapporteur on Human Rights Situation in Burma (Myanmar), Mr. Tomás Ojea Quintana, to form a Commission of Inquiry (COI) for crimes against humanity and war crimes perpetrated by the SPDC military clique. The NDF is ready to cooperate fully with such a UN COI.

2. According to the policy of the SPDC, troops of the SPDC armed forces have been committing gross human rights violations and crimes against humanity daily in all places of Burma. They have been committing such crimes as extra-judicial executions, torture, destruction of the people’s homes, confiscation of their properties, rape of women, forced recruitment of children for the armed forces, forced labor etc. in violation of the domestic and the international laws.

3. The NDF, its fraternal organizations and human rights NGOs have been submitting reports on human rights violations and crimes against humanity committed by the SPDC and its troops, with supporting evidence, to the UN Human Rights Commission, yearly and the UNGA has yearly urged the SPDC for improvement of human rights conditions in the country. However, the SPDC military clique has totally ignored the UNGA resolutions and continues to commit gross human rights violations, especially in areas of the ethnic nationalities.

4. Accordingly, it is necessary for the UN to form a COI as a step for taking effective action to improve human rights conditions in Burma. The NDF and its fraternal organizations have fully cooperated with the international and human rights organizations regarding the cases on human rights violations, child soldiers, forced labor etc. The NDF would like to reaffirm its support for and readiness to cooperate fully with the COI recommended by the UN Special Rapporteur.

5. The NDF is much grateful to the US, Canada, UK, Netherland, Australia, Hungary, New Zeeland etc. and the international community, which have intently supported the call for establishment of the COI and the related process for protection of the innocent peoples of Burma. In conclusion, the NDF would like to urge earnestly the ASEAN member countries such as the Philippines, Indonesia etc. and the EU member countries to support unanimously the establishment of UN COI for effective action against human rights violations and crimes against humanity in Burma.

“Victory through Alliance”

Central Executive Committee
National Democratic Front

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