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“Let’s Oppose 2010 Elections Resolutely”

By 88 Generation Students,All Burma Federation of Student Unions,All Burma Monks' Alliance  •  August 6, 2010

The political forces which are thinking of participating in elections should not gamble
the fate of the country with their dreams.

Our struggle for democracy has already reached its’ 22nd anniversary, if we count from the 8888 nation-wide pro-democracy uprising. On this anniversary, we again recognize that it was the nation-wide uprising, not the parliamentary debate that abolished the Burma Socialist Programme Party dictatorial regime of Bo Ne Win and his 1974 constitution.

When Burma Socialist Programme Party was set up, some politicians collaborated with Bo Ne Win’s regime with the intent to focus on the people’s interest, believing they could make changes from within. The result unfortunately was different: our country became one of the least developed countries and those politicians were excluded through the devious and conniving antics of Bo Ne Win’s power circles. Such recent historical lessons should be remembered by those self-claimed democratic political forces.

The constitution which will come into force through the 2010 election is infamous for being unilaterally written and because it was adopted in the midst of a national disaster, Cyclone Nargis. It will legalize the military rule, military rulers wearing civilian masks will be the new/old rulers. The peoples of Burma are already aware of such deceptive tactics of the military junta. Once this constitution comes into force, considering reforming it through parliamentary debates will be just a dream. The political forces which are thinking of participating in elections should not gamble the fate of the country with their dreams.

The regime has ensured that it will continue to control power by writing the constitution itself, and setting biased electoral laws and decrees to exclude pro-democracy forces from the country’s political process. Moreover, it transformed its notorious mass organizations including Union Solidarity and Development Association (USDA) into a political party, the Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP). The regime shamelessly backs this party known for its corruption and violence against the peoples and pro-democracy activists. All the political forces are aware of these unfair and unequal rules of the game. Such unfair and unfree elections will not lead the country toward the goal of democracy but will bring our country toward the cemetery of democracy.

It is not too late for the democratic political forces which are thinking of participating in elections to review their pro-election policies. Otherwise they will be recorded in history as collaborators in the demise of the country. They should move swiftly to join hand in hand with Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and the peoples of Burma resolutely.

Therefore, we earnestly urge all political forces and pro-democracy citizens to boycott the elections with 8888 sprit and
determination and not to give any legitimacy to un-legitimized political actions of the military regime. We further urge all political forces to continue to hold democratic aspirations firmly.

All Burma Monks’ Alliance,
88 Generation Students,
All Burma Federation of Student Unions

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