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Week 17: 2010 Election Watch (29 June-5 July)

By Altsean-Burma  •  July 7, 2010


  • The Difference and Peace Party said that it may decide not to compete in the elections because of the SPDC Censorship Board’s media restrictions.
  • The Unity and Democracy Party of Kachin State filed registration papers to participate in the upcoming elections. To date, a total of 43 parties – 38 new parties and five existing parties – have filed registration applications.
  • The SPDC Election Commission approved the registration of three political parties. To date, the Election Commission has granted final approval to 36 parties to participate in the polls.
  • According to figures from the SPDC Immigration and Population Ministry, about 30 million people in Burma are eligible to vote in the upcoming elections.
  • SPDC authorities said that members of SPDC-sponsored organization such as the Union Solidarity and Development Association,  the Myanmar National Committee for Women’s Affairs, and the Myanmar Maternal and Child Welfare Association received preferential treatment in being appointed as officials of Election Sub-commissions.

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  • Union Democratic Party Chairman Phyo Min Thein said that the SPDC and the pro-junta Union Solidarity and Development Party are “becoming completely indistinguishable.”
  • Difference and Peace Party Secretary Myo Wei, expressing his frustration with the SPDC Censorship Board, said that “[i]f we don’t have free expression, I feel ashamed to participate in the election.”

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