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Week 11: 2010 Election Watch (18-24 May)

By Altsean-Burma  •  May 26, 2010


  • SPDC and USDA officials campaigned for the Union Solidarity and Development Party in Namkham and Kengtung Townships in Shan State, collecting household lists and forcing everyone over the age of 15 to join the USDA.
  • Two new political parties filed registration papers to participate in the upcoming elections. To date, a total of 40 parties – 35 new parties and five existing parties – have filed registration applications.
  • The SPDC Election Commission approved the registration of nine political parties. To date, the Election Commission has granted final approval to 14 parties to participate in the polls.
  • SPDC Election Sub-Commissions in Pegu Division and in Mon and Shan States held election training.

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  • A European Parliament resolution said the SPDC election laws “violate all democratic principles and make the holding of free elections impossible and […] violate the basic principles of freedom of expression and right of association.”
  • Shan State Army-South Commander Lt Gen Yawd Serk said that the SPDC will “try to rig the general elections to make itself a legitimate government.” He urged “all to boycott it because it will only be a selection, not an election.

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