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The 20th Anniversary of 1990 Election Commemoration Special Formal Message

By Members of Parliament Union  •  May 24, 2010

(1) On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of 1990 election, we would like to send good wishes to the people of Burma for the sake of both their physical and mental health and wealth to free from all calamities and dangers.

(2) As the representatives of the people parliament, we left for Thai-Burma border and overseas for the implementation of duties, given mandate by the people via election and we tried our best as possible as we could, by joining hands with the ethnic forces and democracy forces, by all ways and means in the previous twenty years.

(3) We are sorry for the lack of fulfillment of people wishes, revealed by the 1990 election until twenty years and we also apologize people for our unsatisfactory performances, given mandate by our people.

(4) However, we never forget the democracy duties, given mandate by the people via 1990 election. Until we achieve the genuine democracy with equal rights and self-determination of the ethnic nationalities, we would continue to endeavour utmost people wishes keeping always at top of our head.

(5) Today, Burmese politic is forwarding to the turning point alternatively and so uncertain future and challenges are opportune. This is the time of military regime, striving systematically to resurrect their life by one-sided drawn 2008 spurious constitution and sham 2010 election for their eternal governance of military dictatorship.

(6) We decisively oppose and eradicate the spurious 2008 constitution and sham 2010 election and its results of SPDC military dictatorship by all possible ways and means.

(7) We attentively honour and recommend the decision of no-party registration and no-competition in the 2010 election as well and we believe that Burmese political problems would be only solved by mean of attitudes arising from Shwegonetine declarations.

(8) Today, at current period, to achieve the same vision upon anti-military dictatorship is very much important. We should value the stand and prize of today political parties by accepting or not accepting the 2008 constitution which would resurrect the vicious life circle of military dictatorship. At that moment, we clearly regard that there are two types of political parties, one is supporting for long-live military dictatorship and second one is bluntly and totally against and eradicating the military dictatorship.

(9) We firmly adopt that 1990 election result is still legal up to now. These 1990 election results would not be nullified by only describing in the unfair election laws of military regime.

(10) MPU has more responsibilities for the maintenance and defense of 1990 election result and continuing to raise the winning 1990 election flag till 1990 election result is recognized by anyway and implemented.

(11) In this current occasion, we urge specially to the international governments not to recognize the 2010 election results that may exist the long-term military dictatorship.

(12) In conclusion, we send this special formal message, describing that inside and outside Burmese democracy forces and ethnic forces join hands by hands unitedly, would make great effort persistently to implement the wishes, revealed by 1990.

Standing Committee

MPU, Burma

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