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Let’s strongly oppose the 2010 Election which will make the 2008 Constitution come into operation!

By All Burma Monks’ Alliance, 88 Generation Students, All Burma Federation of Student Unions  •  May 25, 2010

All the people of Burma including Monks, Students and Youths,

1. The day of 27th May 2010 will mark 20th anniversary of 1990 Election in which the people representatives overwhelmingly won a landslide victory. The results of that election is interpreted as that of the Burmese people’s ongoing struggle for democracy begin with the 1988 prodemocracy movements, by truly expressing of their determination.

The military junta has failed to respect its promise made before the 1990 election that it would hand over power to the winning party and go back to the military barracks. Besides, it constantly committed various violations, such as sealing the offices of NLD (National League for Democracy led by Daw Aung San Suu Kyi), and unjustly arresting, jailing and killing democracy activists including MPs-elect.

Now it unilaterally voided the results of 1990 election by making unjust orders in regard to the 2010 election.

2. The military junta is soon going to organize the 2010 election making the 2008 Constitution come into operation while being failed to respect the 1990 election results.

The 2008 Constitution is in fact that of military rule with a facade of civilians in order to endure an ever-lasting military dictatorial rule to protect personal interests of a handful of military top brass and their cronies.

That constitution does not favour any assurance for the people’s interests and their wellbeing. Moreover, it was forcibly enacted by holding a referendum during the time of tragedy in which millions of people were suffering from a Cyclone Nargis. It was witnessed by all the people themselves.

3. For those reasons, elected-parties including the NLD and ethnic parties do not accept the 2008 Constitution and openly boycott it by being unregistered on April 29 of this year. The ceased-fired ethnic armed organizations have also repeatedly revealed their refusals to the 2008 Constitution by expressing disagreements with a plan of reforming them into the Border Guard Forces under the military regime command.

4. It is the time that all the people of Burma must demonstrate the will of anti-military dictatorial system with boycotting the 2010 Election together with elected-parties including the NLD and ethnic parties in order to prevent the military junta from coming up with legitimacy for enduring a military rule.

All the people including students and youths, we, All Burma Monks’ Alliance, 88 Generation Students and All Burma Federation of Student Unions, seriously request for your actions of boycott the 2010 Election by:
(a) No voting
(b) No advanced voting
(c) Making your vote null if being forced to vote.

All Burma Monks’ Alliance
88 Generation Students
All Burma Federation of Student Unions

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