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Statement at the Close of the Central Presidium Meeting of the 7th NDF Congress

By National Democratic Front  •  April 25, 2010

1. At a time when the political emergency is at a high point, the National Democratic Front (NDF) successfully held its Central Presidium Meeting of the 7th NDF Congress, at a certain place in the liberated area, for 2 days from April 23 to 24. Eighteen presidium members from 7 NDF member organizations, out of eight, attended the meeting and participated in frank and cordial discussions.

2. At the meeting, the participants discussed thoroughly the political report consisting of a review on current situation of the ethnic nationality organizations, the revolutionary forces at home and abroad, SPDC military clique, the NDF etc., – the NDF activity report and the financial report. After that, the participants discussed for forging greater unity and cooperation among the oppressed ethnic nationalities in the struggle to regain their rights that have been lost, and laid down future work programs.

3. In addition to work programs to solidify and strengthen the NDF and raise the role of NDF, which is the main pillar of strength in the NCUB, the meeting participants laid down and adopted work program for closer cooperation with fellow fraternal ceasefire organizations, which the PDC has been putting under pressure. Moreover, the meeting laid down work programs for explicitly opposing and protesting against the military clique’s 2008 constitution and the 2010 elections that will perpetuate rule of the military dictatorship.

4. The meeting decided on continuing the NDF’s full support for position of the ethnic nationality ceasefire forces rejecting the SPDC proposal to transform them to BGF and urge them to resist the SPDC’s pressure by various means, with coordinated and united response. In addition, we, the NDF Presidium Meeting earnestly welcome and support the clear-cut opposition, today, against the military dictatorship and the peaceful struggle for democracy by the NLD, led by Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, since they are a fair and just struggle.

5. We seriously call on the SPDC military clique to cease immediately its military operations in regions of the ethnic nationalities and its attempt to intimidate the ceasefire organizations militarily. It is our sincere warning to the SPDC that it shall be held responsible totally for all the consequences emanating from its irrational acts. In conclusion, we, the NDF Central Presidium Meeting, would like to affirm that we will raise momentum of the armed revolutionary resistance, together with the struggle for liberation by the ethnic nationalities and the people, until the time when the criminal military dictatorship has to totally relinquish the State power.

“Victory through Alliance”
Central Presidium
National Democratic Front (NDF)

For more information, please contact:
Media Contact: (66) 086 206 4045; (66) 082 885 7963

The NDF is composed of the following member organizations:

  • Karen National Union (KNU)
  • Chin National Front (CNF)
  • New Mon State Party (NMSP)
  • PaO National Liberation Organization (PNLO)
  • Palaung State Liberation Front (PSLF)
  • Wa National Organization (WNO)
  • Lahu Democratic Union (LDU)
  • Arakan Liberation Party (ALP)
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