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Myths Vs Realities: Burma’s 2010 Elections

By Burma Partnership  •  April 30, 2010

The military regime has announced that this year it will hold Burma’s first elections in twenty years. Some members of the international community are advocating for participation in the 2010 elections with the belief that “this is the only opportunity for breakthrough” or “something is better than nothing.” However, in view of the regime’s systematic steps to restrict the opposition, many democratic and ethnic leaders, human rights activists, and communities in Burma have denounced the elections as an attempt to place a thin veneer of credibility while actually entrenching military rule. What they want is real progress towards a democracy that is inclusive, transparent, and respects the rights of all peoples of Burma.

This paper seeks to address some of the myths surrounding Burma’s 2010 elections.

Download the full report in English or Burmese.

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