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EU Council Conclusions on Burma/Myanmar

By Council of the European Union  •  April 26, 2010

3009th FOREIGN AFFAIRS Council meeting, Luxembourg

The Council adopted the following conclusions:

“1. The Council reaffirms the EU’s unwavering commitment to the people of Burma/Myanmar. The EU remains a major donor to the country and stands ready to increase its assistance to the people of Burma/Myanmar, in order to improve their social and economic conditions.

2. The Council calls upon the authorities of Burma/Myanmar to take steps to bring about a peaceful transition to a democratic, civilian and inclusive system of government. The Council underlines that the political and socio-economic challenges facing the country can only be addressed through genuine dialogue between all stakeholders, including the ethnic groups and the opposition.

3. The Council expresses its serious concerns that election laws as published in early March do not provide for free and fair elections and notes that the authorities of Burma/Myanmar still have to take the steps necessary to make the planned elections later this year a credible, transparent and inclusive process. The Council reiterates its call for the release of the political prisoners and detainees, including Daw Aung San Suu Kyi.

4. The Council deems it necessary to extend the restrictive measures provided for in the current EU Decision by another year. The Council underlines its readiness to revise, amend or reinforce the measures it has already adopted in light of developments on the ground. The EU stands ready to respond positively to genuine progress in Burma/Myanmar.

5. To help achieve the progress needed, the EU is ready to continue its dialogue with the authorities of Burma/Myanmar and all other relevant stakeholders. It intends to send an exploratory mission to the country, in order to hold high level talks, in the hope of building trust and helping the political process to move towards the intended goals.

6. The Council expresses its strong support for the continued work of EU Special Envoy Piero Fassino and invites the Burma/Myanmar authorities to cooperate fully with him.

7. The Council urges the government of Burma/Myanmar to engage more with the international community, to work towards a peaceful transition to democracy. It reaffirms the EU’s support for the Good Offices Mission of the UN Secretary General and welcomes his continued personal commitment to further the political process, and calls upon the authorities of Burma/Myanmar to engage with the UN in a meaningful manner. The EU will continue to actively support the group of friends of the UNSG and raise the situation in the country, and its possible implications for regional stability, with key actors, including ASEAN and its Member States, the United States, Australia, China, India, Japan and Russia.

8. The Council welcomes the ASEAN Chairman’s statement of 9 April 2010 from the 16th Summit, which underscored the importance of national reconciliation in Myanmar and the holding of the general election in a free, fair and inclusive manner. The Council also welcomes statements from individual ASEAN members, as well as Japan, on the need for release of all political prisoners and detainees, including Daw Aung San Suu Kyi. The EU looks forward to a continued close dialogue with our ASEAN partners on the issue – next time at the upcoming EU/ASEAN ministerial in May in Madrid.

9. The Council welcomes the adoption of Resolution 13/25 of the UN Human Rights Council, and endorses the Progress report by the UN Special Rapporteur, Mr Quintana. It calls upon the authorities of Burma/Myanmar to cooperate with him in a constructive manner and comply in full with the UN’s recommendations, by taking urgent measures to put an end to violations of international human rights and humanitarian law.”

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