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EU Called on Burma’s Regime to End Violating International Law and Enter into Inclusive Dialogue

By European Karen Network  •  April 28, 2010

The European Karen Network welcomes the council conclusions of the European Union (EU) on Monday 26 April 2010, which called on Burma’s military dictatorship to end violations of international human rights and humanitarian law and to enter into dialogue with opposition and ethnic nationalities.

The council also extended EU sanctions against Burma for a further year and expressed serious concerns over the planed elections by the regime later this year, which it said, cannot be credible.

“It’s a significant step for the EU to call on the regime to respect international human rights and humanitarian laws. We feel like our voice and the voice of the oppressed people of Burma are being heard now. It’s time for EU to support a commission of inquiry into war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by the dictatorship in Burma, as recommended by the UN Human Rights expert, Mr Quintana in his reference to the UN Human Rights Council” said Mahn Aung Lwin, board member of European Karen Network from Germany.

The European Karen Network believes that, through a genuine tripartite dialogue between, the generals, democratic opposition and ethnic nationalities, there can be change that will bring true democracy and human rights for the Karen people and for all the people in Burma. As the generals always refuse to talk, it’s important that the EU maintain sanctions on Burma to force the regime into dialogue.

The people of Burma, especially ethnic nationalities, have been persecuted by ruling regimes for decades. The dictatorships have committed many forms of human rights violations, including slave labour, extortion, forcible displacement, rape and torture. In Eastern Burma, the regime’s troops have destroyed more than 3,500 villages in the past 15 years, forcing hundreds of thousands of people from their home. Many of them are hiding in the jungle with out medicine, food and shelter as the regime blocks international aid into this area.

The EKN calls on the EU to be stronger in pressuring the regime to stop attacking ethnic civilians and for European governments to provide cross-border humanitarian aid to internally displaced people who can be reached only through the border because of the restrictions of aid delivery by the Burmese regime.

The EKN is a Europe- based human rights organization working for Burma, which brings together Karen people and represents Karen communities across Europe. It aims to raise awareness about the situation in Karen State and Burma as a whole and pressure European governments to do more to bring about democratic transition in Burma.

For more information please contact Mahn Aung Lwin, board member of European Karen Network, on + 49 1752433418 (European time).

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