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The Election in Burma Will Not Solve the Political Crisis on that Country

Originally appeared in All Voices

March 28, 2010

By Muhammad Jusuf

The Election in Burma will not solve the political crisis on that country.

Burma Partnership Chairman Ma Khin Ohmar said in Jakarta, on Sunday, March 28, 2010, that the election in Burma will not solve the political crisis on that country, because the 2010 elections was using the Burma constitutions which was manage by the military rule in 2008.

‘’The elections days not only will make a military moving stronger but also will fail to solve any political and other crisis in Burma,’’ Ma Khin Ohmar on the Press Conferences with theme: “Strengthening Cooperation for Free Burma”, in Jakarta.

We an NGO in Asia Pacific which was giving an advocating and mobilize the democratizations process in Burma and Human Right in Burma propose three pre-conditions to the Burma military regime before they will continue to implement the elections, first the military regime should free all their political detainee, stop all the confrontation and ethnic cleansing to all ethnic in Burma, and the third conditions is the military regime should began to open their newly dialog to all group, ethnic leaders and other influents leaders in Burma, and to discuss about the revision of the 2008 constitutions in order to give more democratizations atmosphere.

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