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Relocation, land confiscation on Madae Island for gas pipeline

Originally appeared in Narinjara News

February 10, 2010

Households in two villages on Madae Island in Kyaukpru Township were forcibly relocated and land was confiscated for construction of a gas pipeline and jetty on the island, said a villager.

“Fifteen households each from Prin Village and Wrama Village on the island were forced to relocate and 15 acres of farmlands were confiscated from villagers for the gas pipeline and jetty. The abuse was perpetrated by Asia World Company. Some bulldozers from the company recently destroyed the houses,” he said.

Asia World Company is now preparing to construct a gas pipeline and a jetty on the island, and has perpetrated the confiscation and relocation to make room for the construction.

“Company officials told us we’d be compensated for the confiscated farm lands but we have not been paid any compensation so far. We are still waiting for compensation from the company,” he added.

The island of Madae is a key location for construction of the gas pipeline off the Arakan Coast. The pipeline will stretch from the island to China’s Yunnan Province.

According to a local source, Burmese authorities have plans to construct a deep sea port on the island. Because of this, a lot of equipment and machinery is being transported to the island through Kyaukpru Port.

There are 12 Arakanese villages on the island, and villagers are worried about their homes because the authorities can move them at anytime from the island to another location in Arakan so they can complete the pipeline project.

It was also learnt that the Burmese military government has plans to construct many buildings on the island in addition to the gas and oil pipeline, the sea port, and some oil tanks for China.

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