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30 January – 5 February: Thailand Begins Forcibly Repatriating Karen Refugees

February 5, 2010

Dear Friends and Supporters,

We have heard that 3 families of Karen refugees have been sent back to Burma today, despite promises from the Thai military that all the refugees would be safe. The families were staying in temporary camps at Nong Bua (also called No Bu) and Mae U Su, in Tha Song Yang District, Tak Province, Thailand, with more than 3,000 other refugees who had fled fighting in Burma’s Karen State. Plans remain in place to send all of the remaining Karen refugees in the area.

While Thai authorities have repeatedly claimed that they would not force people to return, only one family out of the more than 3,000 refugees has volunteered to go back. Villagers are extremely fearful of being forcibly returned to an armed conflict area where fighting could break out at anytime. Civilians will also be at great risk from landmines and human rights violations at the hands of the SPDC’s army and the Democratic Karen Buddhist Army (DKBA), as well as food shortages. For more information on the situation, please read Burma Campaign UK’s background briefing.

Civil society groups remain extremely concerned about the safety of these refugees. Urgent appeals from the Karen Women’s Organization, Karen National Union, and many other civil society organizations have so far fallen on deaf ears. Friends of Burma have collected signatures from over 75 Thai and Burma organizations on an open letter that will be delivered to Thai Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva calling for a stop to the repatriations. Twenty-nine members of the U.S. House of Representatives have also written an open letter to the Prime Minister.

With the possibility of more refugees being repatriated at any time, the international community must take urgent measures and appeal to the Thai government to halt further repatriations.

We will continue to closely monitor the situation and will send timely updates.

In Solidarity,

Burma Partnership Secretariat

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Thailand Begins Forced Repatriation of Karen Refugees

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Inside Burma

Burma-born American citizen Ko Nyi Nyi Aung, detained in Rangoon’s Insein prison, has declined food sent by his family.

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Three monks and two civilians have been sentenced up to nine years for their role in the Saffron Revolution in September 2007.

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Two hundred Karen civilians and soldiers took part in ceremonies at 6th Brigade headquarters of the Karen National Liberation Army to celebrate the 61st Karen Revolution Day.

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Nine Karen migrant workers were killed by gunmen near Mae Sot on the Thai-Burma border. A week later, a police officer who admitted to being involved in killing committed suicide.

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US President Barack Obama earmarked $36.5 million in the 2011 budget to support democracy and humanitarian programs for Burma and along the Thai-Burma border.

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The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemned Burma’s junta for the harsh sentencing of journalist Ngwe Soe Lin to 13 years in prison for working with exile media outlet Democratic Voice of Burma.

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The Asian Development Bank said that it has no immediate plans to provide assistance to Burma, following the World Bank’s similar statement last week.

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On 5 February, the Hong Kong Coalition for a Free Burma held a protest at the Burmese Consulate and the Cheung Kong Building.

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The Hong Kong Coalition for a Free Burma is also collecting signatures on a petition against Hong Kong-based company Hutchison’s involvement in Burma. The petition calls on the company to urge the junta to release all political prisoners and end human rights violations, or withdraw from the country.

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On 4 February, ethnic Kachins submitted a letter to the Chinese Embassy in New Delhi opposing the Irrawaddy Myitsone dam project in Kachin State, northern Burma. Similar letters were delivered to embassies in the UK, Singapore, Malaysia, and Japan.

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